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The Developer-Friendly HTML to PDF API

Convert URLs and plain HTML into PDF files using a simple request to our robust API.
Customize your file layout and store it in the cloud with a variety of optional parameters.

POST https://pdfblade.com/api/convert
    "url": "https://usethekeyboard.com/slack",
    "key": "D9NJYzB5HBYVgkDZgfam9SNX1wCJW4HI",
    "store": true,
    "format": "A4",
    "landscape": true,
    "javascript": true,
    "images": false

Get Started In Minutes

After signing up for an account, you can immediately begin converting your HTML to PDFs. Use the example above, or go through the docs for more options.

Pay For What You Use

Why pay for conversions per month when you might not use them all? The credits you purchase with us last forever, so you only need to renew when necessary.

Absolutely No Tiers

There's no pricing levels and no restrictions on features. Every account has a limit of 50MB per PDF, custom headers/CSS support, and served over HTTPS.

PDFBlade dashboard screenshot

Includes a user-friendly dashboard

After signing up for an account, you'll have access to a beautiful and mobile-friendly dashboard. Here you can view all of your previous calls to the PDFBlade API, see any files that are still active in storage, and easily purchase more conversion credits.

  • 100% responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Easily view conversions made
  • Quickly get links to stored files

Tons of options to choose from

The API currently contains fifteen different options that can be passed in during calls to format your outputted PDF. For a full list of the required (and optional) parameters, along with their descriptions and examples, please visit the documentation area.

  • Over a dozen different page formats
  • Disable images, JavaScript, or both
  • Add in your own custom headers and CSS styles
PDFBlade options screenshot
PDFBlade reload and billing screenshot

Reloading is super easy

When it's time to get more conversion credits, adding additional ones to your account is a one-time transaction with multiple options. Choose from six different amounts starting at just $2 for 50 credits, and increasing to $250 for 25,000.

  • Get automatically alerted when your account balance is low
  • The more credits you purchase, the cheaper each one is
  • Credits roll over month to month and never expire

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